Which is Hotter Red or Green Thai Curry

Red, Green and Don’t Forget Yellow

Thai curries come in various colours, with each boasting a unique blend of ingredients and, most importantly, heat levels. Among the most popular Thai curries are green and red. Close behind is the yellow curry, as it’s one of the most popular curries in Thailand, we’ll include it in this comparison.

In this exploration, we will delve into the world of Thai curries, uncovering the secrets of their spiciness and providing insights into which one might be the hottest and answer the question ‘Which is hotter red or green Thai curry’.

Understanding Thai Curries

Before we dive into the heat levels, let’s take a moment to understand Thai curries. Thai curries are a cornerstone of Thai cuisine, known for their vibrant colours and aromatic profiles. While there are many types of Thai curries, green, red, and yellow are among the most well-known. These curries are named after the colour of their main ingredient, the curry paste.

Before we start the comparison it’s important to realise that anyone can make any a yellow, red or green curry hotter than the others simply by adding more curry paste. So for this comparison, we are assuming each curry is made with roughly the same amount of curry paste

Green Curry Heat Level

Green curry is considered the spiciest among the three popular Thai curries. The primary reason for its spiciness is the use of green chillies in the green curry paste. Green chillies are known for their fiery heat, and their inclusion in the paste gives green curry its characteristic kick.

However, it’s important to note that the actual spiciness of green curry can vary widely. Thai cuisine is adaptable to individual preferences, and chefs and home cooks alike can adjust the amount of green chillies in the curry paste to make it milder or hotter. Additionally, the use of other ingredients like coconut milk can help temper the heat and add creaminess to the dish.

Red Curry Heat Level

Red curry is generally milder than green curry in terms of spiciness. This is because red curry paste is made with red chillies, which tend to be less fiery than green ones. While red curry still has a noticeable level of spiciness, it is often considered more approachable for those who may not be accustomed to intense heat.

Similar to green curry, the spiciness of red curry can be adjusted to suit individual tastes. Chefs and cooks can control the level of spiciness by varying the amount of red chillies in the curry paste.

Yellow Curry Heat Level

Folks always seem to ask ‘Which is hotter red or green Thai curry?’ But they never ask if the yellow curry is the hottest. This is probably because most people know that yellow curry is typically the mildest among the three popular Thai curries.

Its mildness is due to the use of turmeric, which imparts a bright yellow colour and a subtle, earthy flavour to the curry. While yellow curry can have a hint of spiciness, it is generally well-balanced and less intense compared to green and red curries.

Yellow curry is often recommended for those who prefer a milder curry experience. It is an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy the flavours of Thai cuisine but may be sensitive to high levels of spiciness.

A Comparison Between Green and Red Curry Pastes

If you want to know what the difference between green and red curry paste is, you can check out the videos below where I make them both. While they are both similar, the main distinguishing feature is the type of chillies used.

Thai Green Curry is Always Hotter

Yellow curry is always mild when compared to the red and green curries. But between green and red, Thai green curry is always considered hotter. A lot of people assume that the red is hotter because, well, it’s red! But this just isn’t the case.

The green chillies that go into the green curry paste are way more powerful than the dry red chillies which are the main ingredient in the red curry paste. It would take a much larger amount of red curry paste if you were going to try and make it hotter than the red.

This is the definitive answer, so if anyone ever asks you ‘Which is hotter red or green Thai curry?’ you can tell them, Thai green curry should always be hotter than Thai red curry!

Which is Hotter Red or Green Thai Curry? Answer is The Green Curry!
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